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Фармацевтическое предприятие Мелиген - более 25 лет на рынке

About us


“The most important thing is to find someone who looks outward in the same direction as you”.

Meligen Pharmaceutical Enterprise was founded in 1993.

We started out as a small team of like-minded people who genuinely loved their jobs. Our strong conviction that the world of plants has great potential to cure different kinds of diseases prompted us to explore the use of pharmaceutical preparations from vegetable raw materials.

It all began with our first products – Elixirs that we formulated and manufactured, since then we developed a wide range of original products and we continually strive for further innovation and development. Today we have more than 20 years of successful experience in pharmaceutical industry and we are proud to be doing what we're doing.

ЗАО «Фармацевтическое предприятие Мелиген»




All raw materials for our production come from eco-friendly regions of Russia: Krasnodar Krai, Russian Far East and many others. We carefully select the suppliers we work with in order to be sure that they fulfill all necessary standards and offer products of high quality.

We conduct regular testing and check purity, microbiological quality and physicochemical parameters of all raw materials, semi-manufactured articles and finished goods.

Since 2009 we started working according to GMP regulations, making stepwise reconstruction of workshops and equipping them with modern equipment. We are committed to providing educational and vocational training on an on-going basis to all employees. Our quality control department encompasses each stage of production to ensure safety and high quality of all our products.



We at Meligen Pharmaceutical Entreprise are always committed to manufacture safe and efficient pharmaceutical products having high quality standarts that fulfill the needs of our customers and exceed their quality expectations.

Our strategy:

  • Develop and manufacture new products of high quality.
  • Maintain and develop new markets.
  • Achieve customer trust and confidence.
  • Maintain good corporate climate and team spirit, encourage timely problem solving.
  • Promote sustainable economic growth.

Our principles:

  • All employees involved in work are knowledgable about their functions and have to apply all principles of quality management.
  • We aim to prevent possible problems instead of dealing with them after they occur.
  • We are committed to provide education and vocational training to all our employees.
  • We maintain long-term confident partnerships with our suppliers.
  • Managing Directors have overall responsibility for implementing the Quality Policy and checking its execution.

 Производство безопасных и эффективных лекарственных средств

Освоение и запуск в производство новых видов высококачественной продукции.


Совершенствование системы инженерного обеспечения производственных процессов


Implementation of a quality policy should include the following steps:

  • Clearly explain quality policy and objectives to all employees, encourage their professional growth and continuing education.
  • To study constantly market trends and demand.
  • To improve manufacturing technologies, to reduce production losses and ensure continuing improvement of quality management system.
  • To perfect system engineering technical processes in order to increase the efficiency of manufacturing equipment.
  • To ensure appropriate storage and transportation conditions of raw materials and finished products.


The management of the enterprise undertakes to act as a guarantor of the implementation of this Policy, providing the necessary resources and proper control over its implementation.